#REINVEST2020 Programme: Session Details

Friday, 27 Nov, 2020 1800 - 1900 IST Virtual Session Coordinators

Session by European Union

Mr Aseem Kumar, Director (IR)
Ms Renuka Singh

EU-India Cooperation on Renewable Energy with a focus on Offshore Wind.


Both the EU and India have set ambitious targets for renewable energy and are keen on further strengthening their cooperation in this area under the EU-India Clean Energy and Climate Partnership (www.cecp-eu.in). In addition to cooperation on solar energy and integration of renewable energy in the grid, the EU and India are working together in the area of offshore wind, including through the former extensive FOWIND and FOWPI projects.


The session will address the cooperation between the EU and India in the area of renewable energy, but will in particular address the offshore wind sector. In this session the new EU Strategy on Offshore Renewable Energy will be presented and the future of an Indian offshore wind industry will be discussed, focusing on the required supply chain. It will identify the current gaps of such a supply chain and explain how Indian and European businesses can best tap into this promising renewable energy market new to India. 


Key topics: 

  • What are India’s current capabilities and gaps to support the offshore wind supply chain?
  • What is the difference between an onshore wind and offshore wind supply chain?
  • Which are the opportunities and challenges for European and Indian companies?
  • How will jobs, local economy, and business change over the years once the offshore wind industry develops?

Bhanu Mehrotra

Bhanu Mehrotra

Sector Lead
International Finance Corporation