Expo Rate Card

EXPO RATE CARD Indian Companies (INR) Foreign Companies (USD/sq.m)
Bare Space (min 27 sq.m) 13,000 /sq.m 300 /sq.m
Electricity, Bare Space 4,000 / kW 60 / kW
Shell Space (min 12 sq.m) 15,000 /sq.m 350 /sq.m
Rates are EXCLUSIVE of taxes; all levies additional as applicable.
  • Bare Space is empty/raw space; exhibitor is free to construct as per own specifications
  • Electricity charges to apply for Bare Space rental
  • Shell Space will include completely built-up, laminated and carpeted stall with company facia, 2 chairs, 1 table, 4 spotlights, 1 wastebasket and electrical points
  • Space will be confirmed only after the due diligence of applying company by organisers
  • Due to limited space, stalls will be assigned on first-come-first-served basis AFTER completion of payment process